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November 26, 2008


Charles Rowe

Hey, I know this may be off-topic but, I know you argue for dualism and this is a fundamental difference between you and Patricia Churchland, in what other ways do you disagree with her?


Well, like most pairs of philosophers, we disagree about a lot of things and agree about a lot of things. Where consciousness is concerned, a few of our differences are aired in her paper "The Hornswoggle Problem" (as well as "Brainshy" and other papers that aren't online) and my reply in part 2 of "Moving Forward on the Problem of Consciousness".

Marc Blainey

Hello Dr. Chalmers,
I am currently in the midst of a Ph.D. program in anthropology at Tulane University in New Orleans, USA. I wanted to know if a degree in anthropology (specifically looking at ethnometaphysics and cultural worldviews relating to the use of psychoactive substances [(entheogens]) would make one eligible to apply for a postdoc in the Research School of Social Sciences mentioned above?

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