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September 15, 2008



Your link to the AAP photos is broken. You omitted the ':' after 'http'.


Thanks -- it's fixed now.

Eric Schwitzgebel

Interesting PowerPoint, Dave! Of course the advocates of a thin view have an excellent "error theory" that would explain the better coherence of the thick view with our pre-theoretical opinions -- the refrigerator light error.

Also, it's not clear that the thick view *is* the ordinary person's pre-theoretical opinion. In my 2007 JCS study I found people split about 50/50 between relatively thin and relatively thick views. (Admittedly, it was a weird sample, about half philosophy grad students.)

So I'm inclined to think it's still about a tie. I think we both agree that the methodological problems here are daunting. As I expressed in my Tucson talk in April, I'm concerned they might even be insuperable.

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