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January 17, 2008



Philosopher easily mistaken for a somewhat more famous philosopher: Russell Grice (all time champion).

Pete Mandik

I'm pleased to have not yet appeared on the body part list.

DC Cramer

Debate recap: "Fischer trapped Salmon; Eagle-Flew over Field."

Marcin Miłkowski

Add Martha Nussbaum to plant philosophers (Nussbaum = walnut tree in German)

Roy Cook

Neil Tennant is another entry for the philosopher - musician category (OSU anti-realist or Pet Shop Boy)


Mammal: Aidan Lyon
Colour: Mitchell Green
Number: Chin Liew Ten
City: Isaiah Berlin
Heavenly body: Daniel Star
Heterological: Leonard Savage
Occupation: Geoffrey Hunter
Food: Roger Crisp
Architecture: Ned Hall, David Wall

James Dreier

I guess I belong on the monetary team: 'Dreier' is a drei-pfenniger coin. Can we have Penny Mackie and Penny Maddie? And Bernhard Nickel.

For the sentence team, it would be tragic to forget Michaelis Michael, whose name is a tautology.

Tim Crane

A.C. Grayling for the fish philosophers.

V. Alan White

Juan Flew Over de Sousa's Brecht

Comesana--Antony--D.E.--Ronald B.--Bertolt

That's entitlement!

Eva Schmidt

What seems to be missing is a 'manly' category, including dean zimmerman, alvin goldman, diana raffman, ansgar beckerman, ...

Masafumi Matsumoto

Topography: Michael Otsuka (Big Mound), Hide Ishiguro (Stone Black), Takashi Yagisawa (Eight-Trees Creek), Tomoji Shogenji (Temple of Living Energy), Koji Tanaka (In a Field), Gaishi Takeuchi (Bamboo Inside)

Alan Hájek

City philosophers: Harry Frankfurt, Sydney Shoemaker, Isaiah Berlin, Stephen Leeds

A Fish philosopher AND a Sentence philosopher: Nick Sturgeon.

A City philosopher, Mammal philosopher, AND a Sentence philosopher (nobody said the sentence had to be grammatical - intelligible should suffice): Aidan LYON.

Charles Wood

For the occupational philosopher team, you surely shoudn't forget your own some-time collaborator (and my tutor almost 20 years ago at Sussex Uni.) Andy Clark

Denis Robinson

a) Occupation team: John Bishop, Marion Tapper. Occupation team, religion division? – Josh and Terry Parsons.

b) Heterological team: Julian Young, Rod Girle

c) Here's a very exclusive team: recursively generated names team. I know of (or believe I know of) just one member. The story I heard about Jack Smart (from him? can't remember; embarrassing .. maybe someone (Jack?) can confirm or deny?) is as follows (briefly and schematically). First, there were a couple named Carswell. They had a very good friend called John Jamieson (no relation). They had a son. They decided to name their son for their friend, hence "John Jamieson Carswell". Second, there was a couple named Smart. They had a very good friend, viz John Jamieson Carswell. They knew how we was named. They had a son in need of a name and decided to iterate the procedure!! Hence: John Jamieson Carswell Smart – or J.J.C. or Jack Smart as he is more commonly known. :) ... I guess Jack was lucky not to have been called "Ninian".

d) Borderline case for Royalty team: the wonderfully-named Douglas Aidan Trist Gasking.

e) Two first names team: Brian Barry.

f) Patronymic team: Brian Weatherson

g) Action/verb team: Ian Hacking. Gilbert Ryle?

h) Family resemblances, dammit! Dummett, Dennett, Devitt ..

Cinder Smith

Web Site APOD astronmy picture of the day


A new man on the oolour tea - Jamie Whyte


Manuel García Carpintero should also be in the occupation category.

Konrad Talmont-Kaminski

I guess that I should go onto the geographical team. Twice, in fact, as in addition to the relatively clear -mont suffix, the kamin- prefix relates to 'stone'. On top of that, I might hope to be allowed onto the heterological team - Konrad means 'wise counsel'.

A nomological relation that always made a lot of sense to me is that between Hans Reichenbach (rich creek) and Wesley Salmon. I have also for a long time wanted to write a paper on the history of pragmatism and its influence titled "Hook, Haack, Hooker, Hacking, Hookway and Rescher" - all of those philosophers making it onto various teams.

Marcin Miłkowski

topography: Roman Ingarden

Chu zhou

A team that has been forgotten for such a long time:
fitting philosophers?
John Locke, Ned Block, Michael Tye

Matthew H

Michaelis Michael belongs to the special category of philosophers with names that are logical truths (i.e. Michael is Michael)!

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