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January 17, 2008


J.D. Trout

For the fish team, what about Merrilee Salmon and Nelson Pike? And, would the addition of Nick Sturgeon violate a "one species per team" rule?

Jonathan Schaffer

Here are a few more.
fish: John Pollock, borderline case: Doug Hehring
bird; Charles Pidgen
occupation: Paul Teller
body: John Earman, Robert Nozick
color: James Brown, Alfred North Whitehead (autological too), Michael Redhead
auto/hetero (you decide which!): Nelson Goodman, Elliott Sober, CD Broad, David Manley, James Ladyman
sentences: Anthony Flew, Evan Fales, Karl Marx, Hilary Greaves

Susanna Schellenberg

more bird philosopher: Andrea Nightingale, Robin Jeshion

more occupation philosophers: Irving Singer, John Fischer, Sheldon Smith, David Smith, Terence Parsons, Charles Parsons, Keith Lehrer

fish philosopher: Nelson Pike

food & drink philosophers: John Perry, Ted Sider, Grigori Mints, Derek Parf(a)it


hetero: Jesse Prinz, Thomas Ricketts
Mammals: Susan Wolf,

Susanna Schellenberg

topography philosophers: Hartry Field, Chris Hill, Peter Forrest, David Hills, Allen and Rega Wood, Timothy Bays, Daniel Warren, David Brink, Donald Rutherford, Thomas Hill, Nic Southwood, Ralph Wedgwood, Geoff Lee (borderline);
foreign language category: Åsa Wikforss, Kent Bach, Adrian Moore, David Rosenthal, Pär Sundström, Stephen Engstrom, Nick Bostrom, Joseph Raz, Tom Beauchamp, Michelle Montague (borderline), Bjørn Ramberg, Jay Rosenberg, Mark Greenberg, Michael Glanzberg, Sean Greenberg etc.

captain for sentence philosophers: Deborah Satz


Good work!

More food philosophers: John (Francis, Roger) Bacon, Michael Beaney, Christopher Cherry, James Cornman, Greg Currie, David Pears, Martin Rice.

More mammal philosophers: Anthony Beavers, John Fox, John Gibbons, R.M. Hare, Bruce LeCatt, William Lyons, Chris Mole.

Also, direction philosophers: Jill North, Caroline West, Nic Southwood, Max Eastman, Steve Downes, Ullin Place (initials).

Pablo Stafforini

philosopher-kings and nobility: Peter King, Jesse Prinz, Auguste Comte, Don Marquis, Earl Conee, Marcia Baron

precious philosophers: Danny Goldstick, Cora Diamond

family resemblances: David Chalmers and David Charles, Peter Unger and Peter Singer, David Pears and David Pearce, John Leslie and John Leslie Mackie


food: thomas crisp, robert kraut
topography: joe salerno
sentence (imperative): ken taylor


occupation/sentence: roy cook


Plant philosophers: John Hawthorne, Hugh Rice, Jessica Moss, Keith DeRose, Crawford Elder, Richard Sylvan, (borderline case: Bill Lichen) captain: Alvin Plant[inga]


occupation philosophers: nancy bauer, chris mole

food philospher/linguist: ivan sag

ore philosophers: philip/bernhard nickel, ian gold, anita silver

philosophers with two last names: taylor carman, cheshire calhoun

university philosophers: nicholas cornell, george berkeley


more family resemblances: john mcdowell and john h. mcdowell, john hawthorne and james hawthorne

more nobility: georges rey [also could go in occupation category, next to jeff king]

another plant/landscape/topography: lawrence blum

another ore: jonathan cole

Campbell Brown

Topography: Mike Ridge
Occupation: Elinor Mason
Philosophers with names of famous people: James Joyce, Robert Johnson, Pamela Anderson

Can I play for three teams (colour, heterological, two surnames)?

yuri cath

Car philosophers: J.L Austin

Action/verb philosophers: Antony Flew, R.M Hare, John Locke (if you drop the 'e')
(This category will overlap a lot with 'philosophers whose names are sentences' but not always, as with Hare and Locke for example)

Food and Drink: Rowland Stout (also a candidate for auto/hetero)

Topography: Paul Churchland

Colour: Alvin Goldman, Karen Green

Mike Ridge

You can add Tom Hill to my team (topography).


Monetary: Shaun Nichols

Alex Guerrero

NYU, as it should, has a lock on 'urban topography', with Sharon Street and Ned Block.

kid bitzer

since all philosophers dwell in the celestial empire of benevolent knowledge, should we not also have categories for those philosophers who are:
a) the possessions of the emperor
b) embalmed
c) tame
d) frenzied
e) innumerable
f) drawn with a very fine camel-hair brush
g) look like flies from a distance?

i mean--at the very least we should be able to come up with instances of a-d (bentham is a perfect b).


topography philosophers: Plato

cannibal philosophers: Ronald Dworkin (devour kin)

occupation philosophers: David Miller

auto-/heterological: Philip Pettit

Branden Fitelson

New Challenge. Find as many of these as you can, from a single department.

Example. The UW-Madison philosophy department (including retired personnel). Keep in mind -- I mean these with love!

fish: Ivan Soll.
bird: Mike Byrd.
occupation: Terry Penner. (archaic -- and that aspect is also autological!). And, of course, Marcus Singer.
autological: Elliott Sober. (and Carolina Sartorio -- is this a borderline case?)
heterological: Claudia Card. (slang -- and could be autological, depending on mood)
sentence (imperative): Lester Hunt and Dennis Stampe. (borderline cases -- Haskell Fain and Alan Sidelle)

Branden Fitelson

Addendum: Haskell Fain (archaic) is also autological.


Currency is good. Shaun Nichols, Penny Maddy, Ayn Rand, Sterling McMurrin, and lots of people with the first name Mark or Frank (Franc). Schiller/shilling is close.

Another philosopher with the name of a famous non-philosopher: Robbie Williams

V. Alan White

I must nominate my good friend and dissertation director for being sententially self-referential, thus also autological for describing a philosopher:

Rem B. Edwards


body part philsoophers: Robert and Paul Audi

Carl Sachs

Would John Wisdom count as an auto/hetero-logical philosopher?


Family resemblance: Josh Weisberg and Jonathan Weinberg. (Note the consonant harmony.)

Jeffrey Paris

body part philosopher, sort of: David Stump
nobility: Ramsey Eric Ramsey
sentential: Cindy Willett (interrogative)
sentential: Stephen Pluhacek (figure it out yourself)
topographical: Charles W. Mills
names of famous people: Charles W. Mills
family resemblance: Jorge Garcia and Jorge Gracia
major cities: Jeffrey Paris (that's me)

Wanted Man


Philosophers with infamous alter egos:
Søren Kierkegaard
Peter Ludlow
Charles Taylor


Another philosopher whose name is a sentence:

Larry May

Dave Estlund

Combining to yield paper ideas:

"The Lyons-Hart Theory of Rights"
"Hare on Foot"
"On Plantinga-deRose" by Gardner
"Priest's Critique of Hooker"

Thom Brooks

Not sure if I'm keen on being part of a 'typography' team. How about calling us 'the geography team'? (I.e., Timothy Bays, David Brink, Thom Brooks, Hartry Field, Peter Forrest, Chris Hill, Thomas Hill, David Hills, Dona'd Rutherford, Nic Southwood, Daniel Warren, Ralph Wedgwood, Allen and Rega Wood -- perhaps the captain should be R. G. Collingwood...?)

Campbell Brown

Family resemblance: Donald Davidson and David Donaldson (okay, the latter is really an economist)
Occupations: Julia Driver
Two first names: Jason Stanley, Laurie Paul, Mitch Joe
Names of Canberra suburbs: David Braddon-Mitchell


On the occupation team:

David Copp

A stretch, for a sentence:

If she's too wet, let Jamie Dreier!


-Manuel Garcia Carpintero- , could be in the group of birds philosophers.


-Enrique Villanueva- in those designating topographical places


i think you can add kyle swan to the list of mammal philosophers.

Jonathan Hunter

occupation philosophers: Graeme and David Hunter

interesting headlines (or paper titles): "Hunter attacks Hare on Foot"; "Copp cites Hunter for trapping Lyons"; "Wolf pins Fox on Ridge"

Brie Gertler

Re: food philosophers

Hmmm, I have the sense we're forgetting someone...

Kati Farkas

My name means 'wolf' so I'd like to apply to the mammal philosophers group, and bring Jonathan Wolff as well


Since Brie won't nominate herself, I'll add her to the food list: Brie Gertler!

And, of course, there's the fellow named after the best of all possible cookies, Leibniz (or is it the other way 'round):

I wonder if being dipped in chocolate would have changed his view on the possible worlds???

Chris Green

I'm a color, autological in one sense and hetero in another.

Matt Weiner

I'm on Team Food, Joan Weiner isn't. And I'd rather not speculate whether I'm autological or heterological in either pronunciation....


I'm on team topographic feature -- the name is an Americanization of the Norwegian 'Helle'. About this, I learn it to come from "Old Norse hella ‘flat stone’, ‘flagstone’, ‘flat mountain’ or hellir ‘cave’; as a Nowegian name this is generally a habitational name from any of numerous farmsteads so named" (OUP, American Family Name Origins).

Just thrilling! :)

We might also recognize team patronymic -- Jessica Wilson, Margaret Wilson, Howard Robinson, Denis Robinson, William Robinson ...

Kelly Roe

I think a swan is a bird rather than a mammal...

Robbie Williams

A nomination for the philosophers with a sideline in pop music: Gary Kemp (of Glasgow, or Spandau Ballet). I seem to remember there were two or three other pop singers floating around...

Marcin Miłkowski

You can add Barry Smith to innumerable category. There are at least three Barry Smiths currently in philosophy ;)

Add Frank Jackson to patronymic team.

Body parts: Peter Geach (he spoke Polish, and in Polish "gicz", pronounced just like "Geach", means "leg")

Marcin Miłkowski

Add also Michael Bishop to occupation philosophers.

Now, the abovementioned title should be: "Bishop and Priest on Hooker"

Stephen Yablo

I want onto Team Food, last name means "apple" (or at least it's an appley prefix) in Polish.
Also Team Politics, Yabloko is a Russian political party.

DC Cramer

Honorary fish team co-captain: Stanley Fish

Car philosopher team: Robert Audi

Geography team: Harold Netland

Two first names team: William James, Bill Craig; captain: Robert Roberts*

Family resemblance: C.S. Lewis / C.I. Lewis

Cutest couples team: Robert & Marilyn Adams, Paul & Patricia Churchland

Calling nominations for superlative philosopher team. Captain: Chad Meister.

Calling nominations for "slang" team. Captain: John Hick.

*redundancy award



The Captain of "Drugs philosopher team": Karl Popper?


It might be in poor taste to mention the number of Richards -- Richard Moran, the late Richard Rorty, etc. -- who might be considered body part philosophers.

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