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October 25, 2007


paul raymont

Thanks Davids (both)! This is a great resource. Re. future development: it'd be neat to have a separate section listing on-line dissertations. This would help one to keep track of the lengthy contributions by new people in the field.

Sam D

Fantastic, especially the subtopic: The Status of Intentionality.

Tanasije Gjorgoski

Thanks a lot!

Two suggestions for further development:

1. RSS feed for latest additions... It might be one RSS item per addition, so that we get links to last e.g. 20 papers in that RSS feed; Or alternatively if the additions go in bulks, one RSS item could contain links to the newly added papers.
2. Author index.

David B

look at this, a japanese wikipedia entry about MindPapers:


João Antonio de Moraes

Hi Dave,

It is everything that I was seeking.



Thank you!I'm a chinese student,and I've learned a lot from your Minddpapers before. But now we have a problem.
Now in China, we can't entry your MindPapers from July.
We don't konw what's the problem.
Can you give me some advice about this.


an RSS feed for particular categories would be an especially sexy addition! desktop alerts of new papers in your research area, Brilliant!

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