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September 20, 2007



the times also has a good editorial on alex at

also, it looks like nietzsche's tech support is down, but there's a mirror at

Rachael Briggs

Thanks! I'll relish my 15 minutes of fame.

And congratulations to the ANU students! Sounds like you guys are doing something right over there.


I've been lurking on the periphery of the academic community around consciousness for a bit, so let me throw in my first conversation starter on a problem I am not sure has been considered in the community, something I call the problem of "indexical extent" (a term derived from the "indexical problem" notion in your book). Here goes Where is I?. Be gentle please. I am not a professional philosopher, and work more with a continental style introspective approach (which I'll admit, in my case, is sometimes code for 'sloppy'). Conversations welcome.

Apologies if this is a bit of a non sequitur with respect to this 'bits and pieces' post, but this is the only blog on the subject that I read regularly, and I didn't want the pointer to be buried in an older (though possibly more relevant) post.



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