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July 26, 2007


Pete Mandik

Hi Dave,

Re: experimental re: prima facie vs ideal judgment, coming up with an operationalization of ideal judgment strikes me as quite a bit harder than one for prima facie judgments. Any suggestions?

Eddy Nahmias

Sounds like a great conference Dave! I wish I could have made it. And I really like the powerpoint summary of the issues.

People interested in these debates about experimental philosophy may be interested in a debate between critic Antti Kauppinen and responses by Thomas Nadelhoffer and me and by Joshua Knobe in the most recent Philosophical Explorations. The info is at the exp phil blog:

David Scott Chalmers

ZOMG, I have ur name!!! LAWL

Wes Anderson

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Pete: Well, a perfect operationalization of ideal judgment is something of a pipedream. But there are presumably all sorts of operationalizable measures that at least correlate with relative ideality of judgments. For example, length of reflection, articulation of reasons (and more controversially, factors such as education, IQ, and the like). Michael Smith suggested that a useful operationalization would be: build institutions for educating people and developing their judgment (call them universities), develop outlets whereby the results of well-considered judgment can be circulated and reviewed (call them journal), and look at the results.

Wes: Thanks. I've done this now. Hopefully it will help with the spam.

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