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October 08, 2006


Eddy Nahmias

I've never seen a brain with such asymmetry between the hemispheres! Is this some evidence for the somewhat outdated idea that left-brained people are more logical and linguistically oriented? Surely, Place was a logical person. Does anyone know if he had any artistic, musical, or other "right-brained" skills?

Vadim Vasilyev

To start with the identity theory, we should know how to verify the identity thesis. We know how to verify the thesis of identity of the morning star with the evening star. We know how to verify the thesis of correlation of mental events with neural processes. But there is no conceivable way of verification of the identity thesis. So this thesis is a kind of nonsense, or simply wrong, if you like. And, to be honest, I don’t quite understand how it was possible to develop such a theory fifty years ago. It looks like a non-starter. Just don't say we overcame the Verification Principle!

Istvan Aranyosi

I liked Bernard Williams' idea that "Well, maybe the mind is the Australia". It might be true, actually, since the Australian identity theory was a contingent identity thesis, and maybe the contingency in question was geographically based :)


What a great show! I'm curious as to why the producers didn't pull Jackson in the mix.

Yasser Pouresmail

The Identity Theory down under enjoys a great deal of simplicity which can be both for and against it. By the way, the ontology of your property dulaistic account has always been abstruse to me, as is Davidson's. It's perplexing for me when Davidson says on the one hand, that there are mental events over and above the physical, and on the other, that the mental must be physical because they occur in the causal chain of the physical world, and hence must be physical due to the closedness of the physics. Such views are far from simple. I enjoy your website Pro. Chalmers! (a philosophy of mind researcher in Iran! I'm almost alone here!)

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