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August 23, 2006


Brian Weatherson

I thought the Age article on Terry, which focussed more on what he did to win the Fields, was much more appropriate than the SMH article which seemed to focus more on the "what a smart kid" angle. He's just won a Fields Medal - they shouldn't be using primary school photos of him. Ugh.

Anyway, on the more serious question, Cian Dorr was at the same Olympiad that I was (1990). Interestingly, Kevin Davey was just the year before that. That was a good run for philosophers(-to-be) at the IMO!

Brian Weatherson

Oh, and Alexander Paseau, who was on the 1993 British team, is now at Oxford.

Kenny Easwaran

I was at the summer training program in '97, but sadly didn't quite qualify in '98.


Maybe some day an artificial Mind will win a Fields Medal, or the Prix Goncourt, or a Pulitzer prize.

David Corfield

Tao has some interesting things to say about mathematics for the philosopher, as I discuss here.


As a physics student considering switching to philosophy (four courses from completing a math major, I lost interest and got distracted by philosophy), and someone who has taken a philosophy course from Kevin Davey, I am now both amused and impressed. I never managed to qualify for the IMO team for my country but considered myself reasonably talented at math when I was young. So perhaps I will eventually end up with a similar trajectory.

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