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October 06, 2005


M Aurangzeb A

It will be greatly helpful since more and more people from the general populance are getting their info. from Wikipedia.

Eray Ozkural

I'd fixed the Dualism entry myself.

I wrote the little paragraph "types of ontological dualism" there. Now I see that "property dualism" entry has been expanded, which is great! Before I edited this page, it portrayed interactionism as the only interpretation, whereas the ontological dualism must take precedence, it didn't even acknowledge the term "interaction dualism". I think it was a lot of fun, and I definitely recommend people with the knowledge to not keep the knowledge to themselves.

I also showed some care to emphasize that predicate dualism is not the same thing as property and substance dualism.

Timothy Scriven

Consider the question, is wikipedia itself a conscious entity, look at the evidence-

*It learns.
*It seems to act in ways that share many functional aspects with thoughts and emotions ( i.e indecision).
*It has very firm beliefs ( i.e in NPOV)
*It's past experiences change it's future experiences ( probably falls under 1, but what the hey.)

Based on this data I predict wikipedia will grow into a supermonster and consume the internet by the year 2020.

Jason Grossman

Everyone SHOULD have seen Annie Hall.

Remis Ramos

I'm glad to see that actually this generation of philosophers are concerned about people getting to know and (what's most important) undestand their stuff. BTW I wanted to thank you for the effort of gathering and publishing in your site that huge paper compilation.

That's all... greetings from Chile!

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