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July 17, 2005


Robert Matthews

Hi David
It was indeed fun taking part in the bunfight at the Adelaide Festival of Ideas. My only regret was that I wasn't able to continue lobbing buns at the Hilton Hotel with you and the other speakers after the talk - it was my last night in Aus, and I was having drinks with a friend. I was sorry not to have a chance to talk with you about your latest thinking on consciousness - though you doubtless get more than enough people wanting to do that already!
Well, it was a privilege sharing a stage with you; I do hope your call for more Festivals of Ideas is taken up - if only because it might allow me to meet you again sometime.
all the best from Oxford
Robert Matthews

Kosta Calfas


There's something similar in the USA put on by Saul Wurman called the "TED" (Technology. Entertainment Design) conference. Moses Znaimer made a Canadian version called "IDEA City" that takes place in Tornto every year at the beginning of June. These events, however, are not free (last I checked tickets went for over $3000!) I agree though, these kind of events are great! Pity they're usually so prohibitively expensive.

Frank Johnson

good service

Peter Jones

I liked your site

Nick Bird

Hi David

Just reading your book "The Conscious Mind" and may understand some of it.

I was intrigued by the section on the metaphysics of pure information and wondered if you had explored the ideas current in Chaos theory. Specifically the great book by John Gribbin Deep Simplicity (Allen Lane 2004, now in Penguin 2005) who explains how simple formula can develop structure and patterns.

Couldn't this tye the micro level with the macro level and answer the jaggedness problem you mention?

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