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June 12, 2005



so here's an obvious reason: funding. comparable u.s. schools usually offer tuition waiver plus a stipend. the scholarship linked above seems to cover only tuition, and it isn't clear whether acceptance to the program guarantees the scholarship (i imagine not).

Yujin Nagasawa


I don't think any university would guarantee scholarships to all students they accept...In any case, most, if not all, students in RSSS's Philosophy Program have full tuition and stipend scholarships, which are free from teaching and marking. The following is a link to past students' comments on the program:


Michael Schweiger

I think anon is right that funding is the biggest worry among potential applicants from the US (though this worry may be founded upon misinformation). All of the top programs in the US provide tuition waivers and healthy stipends to cover living expenses. Though some of these programs cannot explicitly guarantee this funding, it is at least implicitly understood that it will be provided for five or six years. The strength of ANU's department is widely recognized, but I think it would receive more applications from students outside of Australia and New Zealand if competitive funding (i.e., tuition waivers AND stipends for living expenses) were readily available for international students. It very well may be, but if so then this fact should be better advertised.


To clarify: anyone who receives one of the international scholarships mentioned above will automatically receive a stipend scholarship, which gives a healthy amount to cover living expenses. Sorry I wasn't clear about this in the original post.



I was interested in applying to ANU, but the issue of timing has caused a problem. I'm in an MA program in Michigan, and will be until next April. Hence, I wouldn't be able to start my work there until after the deadline. And if I wait until next year to apply, I would have wasted a year if I don't get accepted and end up going somewhere else. Too bad, because ANU looks like an amazing place to do graduate work.


I feel the same way. I'd love to apply to the school, but it seems silly to reject offers from other good schools (or not apply at all) in hopes of attending ANU, which I might not even get into.

What's your advice to students from NA who want to apply to ANU? Does ANU have any plans to shift the application dates for NA customers?

Timothy Scriven

Why don't you work to make course work part of the ANU program? From what I can gather your a well respected member of the faculty, I am sure they would at least listen with a sympathetic ear to such a proposal.

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I do agree that philosophy program at Australian National University is the best in the world.


Hey Dave, I think you have a Turing test on your hands.

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