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May 14, 2005



P.S. Note the release date.


Has anybody here any idea why zombie movies are so much of fun?

One of my theories is that killing zombies is so much fun because we like killing but we don't like to kill. No moral issues. Human's are like kittens. We like to play with live and death and stay innocent. Movie zombies bring up the hard problem "concrete" level. Can I kill my mother is she is zombie? Why I still feel bad about it. This might be the other reason. Internal fight between reason and emotion.


And in Pittsburgh!


I hear that the Zombies in Cambodia story is false. Is this true. If not what goes on now?


suck my dick


Obviously fake, look at the date, and the URL, its not a BBC url, but an IP, and the date is April 1st 0.o


well i have seen this on many popular news stations
it is actually true people

Gregory Wonderwheel

Fun article, I read it with rising interest then rising incredulity, wondering if I was reading the Onion. Then thought twice and looked at the date. Ahh, clear skies again without Cambodian zombie parasites to worry about.

Now we can return to just having to deal with the plain old zombies who vote for their own enslavement and perpetual war as they suffer the parasites of the industrial-military-corporate propaganda machine injested through the polluted waters we call the media.


I was extremly heart broken to find out that zombies arent was really mean for the news and everyone else to make us all think it is...that got my hopes up for nothing!!! I stilll belive that zombies could be real, in west africa they have a religion where they do voodoo and they brought the people back from the dead..and the def of zombies is: Something that is reanimated from the dead so i guess we could say that they are zombies. Most people wouldnt belive this because its not scientifically proven but if you belive that someone coudl actually do voodoo i guess you could belive zombies are real.

Richard Brown

Brittney, so if someone is clinically dead and revived in the hospital they are a zombie? Dang! I know a couple of zombies!!


I have noticed several grammatical errors in the comment about killing zombie mothers.

The Cocktopus

So what you're all saying is that anything that happens on April 1st couldn't possibly be real?

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