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February 20, 2005


Brian Leiter

Dave, many of the links do not work. Perhaps that is just temporary, in which case delete this comment. I will post a link to this thread on Monday.


They work for me. If others have problems, let me know.



I humbly submit John Gardner, 'The Wrongdoing that Gets Results', Philosophical Perspectives 18 (2004), 53

Last year I tried to start an office pool to no avail, but if I can convince people to enter one this year, this is my first entry.

Brian Leiter

Today the links are working for me, so ignore the earlier message.

I would suggest the editors give serious consideration to Jessica Berry, "The Pyrrhonian Revival in Montaigne and Nietzsche,"
Journal of the History of Ideas - Volume 65, Number 3, July 2004, pp. 497-514.


So long as we're not frowning on suggestion papers of folks we might have some connection to... I'd vote for K.C. Tan's "Justice and Personal Persuits", Journal of Philosophy, Volum CI, No. 7- July 2004, pp. 331-366. (I'd honestly thought nothing more interesting could be said about GA Cohen's views on equality, which might well be the most throughly refuted position of the last 20 years, but Tan does a terrific job of showing some of the deepest flaws in the position, and establishing some important independent points on the way.)

Jason Newman

You should definitely consider Nishi Shah, "How Truth Governs Belief," The Philosophical Review -Vol. 112 No. 4, October 2003.

Brian Weatherson

All these papers have already been anthologised, but I'd say you could pick several papers from the special Lewis edition of the AJP.

I liked Mark Richard's paper on relativism in the May Phil Studies, but that could be because I'm sympathetic to the conclusion :)

Hopefully some people will have slightly more obscure suggestions than mine though...

Ali Rizvi

You should consider Farid Abdel-Nour, "Habermas, Human Rights, and Universalist Morality," Philosophy & Social Criticism - Volume 30, Number 1, 2004, pp. 73-96.

Eric Rovie

Given the recent upsurge of interest in Just War theory, Gary Bass's paper in PPA, "Jus Post Bellum" is an excellent addition to the debate.

Rob Sica

A nice combination of characteristic clarity, eloquence and rigor combined with exemplary inter-disciplinary breadth:

Galen Strawson, "Against Narrativity," Ratio --Vol. 17 Issue 4, Dec 2004.

dan kaufman

rob rupert, “challenges to the hypothesis of extended cognition,” journal of philosophy 101 (august, 2004): 389-428

excellent, clear-headed paper on an important topic in phil. mind.


No doubt in my mind: Jeff McMahan. "The Ethics of Killing in War", Ethics, Volume 114,  July 2004, No. 4.

John Fischer

I would nominate David Velleman's "Narrative Explanation," in the Philosophical Review (recently).

Hubert Dreyfus

For years I've nominated papers on phenomenology without success. Now I have found one on perception that is original, illuminating, convincing, and up to the standards of rigor or analytic phil. (It is also the best paper ever written on Merleau-Ponty.)

Sean Kelly, "Seeing Things in Merleau-Ponty" in Taylor Carman's Cambridge Companion to Merleau-Ponty, also on Kelly's website:

Branden Fitelson

I'd like to nominate "Vexing Expectations" by Hajek and Nover [*Mind*, Vol. 113, April 2004, 237-249].


Wasn't Dreyfus Sean Kelly's thesis advisor and mentor? That nomination seems a little non-objective...that's a problem with the Philosopher's Annual.


If a second from someone whose never met Kelly is needed, so be it. Kelly's paper should most certainly be given serious consideration. I'll add Charles Travis' Mind paper 'The Silence of the Senses' as well.


Thomas Pogge, “Can the Capability Approach be Justified?” in Martha Nussbaum and Chad Flanders eds.: Global Inequalities, special issue 30:2 (Fall 2002, appeared February 2004) of Philosophical Topics, 167-228

Barry Lam

Its now mid-June 2006 and I haven't seen the Annual for both the years 2004 and 2005...what's going on?

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