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February 26, 2005



Dave, did you already submit the URL of 'fragments of Consciousness' on this


There are files on web servers that can be edited in order to stop search engines from including different pages in their results- perhaps the hosting company has edited these files to make sure engines dont waste their bandwidth by searching. Happens on forums too I think that's where I heard of this.


Clark Goble

It's also likely that Google just hasn't added you to their list to update yet. We have a page up that hasn't been indexed yet despite being up for a month. Also realize that Google has in their algorythm not just the depreciation of blogs, but the depreciation of new sites. So you'll slowly increase in the rankings - especially since so many people are linking to your blog. But it may be a few months before you get your likely place.

Peter Bokulich

Looks like you have a command in the head of your html code that tells robots like google not to log your page. I'm no expert, but I'd suggest deleting the following code:
[meta name="robots" content="noindex,nofollow"]


Thanks, Peter. That seems to have been it. Before this site went "live", I had set the Typepad configuration so that the weblog would not be public, and I forgot to change this afterwards. Now that I've changed it, the offending code is gone. So I hereby extend a warm welcome to Google's robots!

David Faden

Maybe you're a victim of the 302 exploit? Page Hijack: The 302 Exploit, Redirects and Google (as discussed on Slashdot).

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