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January 12, 2005



"There's also the question of updating the thousands of links to these pages from around the web. There must be some sort of notification program that automatically finds pages that link to a given website, extracts e-mail addresses from those pages, and e-mails those people with a message about the move. If anyone knows of such a program (or something similar), let me know."

I had the same problem some time ago: there is to my knowledge no such program. One point why there isn't, is simply that scanning and retrieving of email addresses from website is the major source for spam mails, so most websites today do not contain an automatically readable mail adresse (rather something like "name AT whereever DOT com" etc.). The best practice would be to keep the redirecting up as long as possible, after it runs out, Google will find you :)
Google search for your old address/links will return quite a lot of pages that refer to your old one, perhaps you inform some of the major sites personally?

BTW: Good idea with the blog, I will stay tuned.


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