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January 24, 2005



David, are there any server problems? I cannot open any of these websites.


The pages work for me, and logfiles suggest that they're working for plenty of others. But it may be that there is a nameserver problem for from some locations. If others are having problems, let me know. N.B. the IP address is

Curtis Brown

I also can't get to anything at Typing in the IP number directly doesn't help. Pinging the IP number gets me a "Destination net unreachable" message. (On the other hand, using the "Ping" tool at gets a quick response, so apparently it's reachable from some places but not others.)

Istvan Aranyosi

Hi Dave.Yes, I also can't access any of these pages.


Now it works, I can access the sites. At least with the server of the University (129.70.74.#).

H. E. Baber

Everything was down for about a day from wherever I tried--the old arizona link took me to but then nothing. Now it's fine. And thank you--this is good!


Dave, if I were you, I think I'd wake up every day thankful I've got my mother's hair and not my father's.

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