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January 11, 2005


John Turri

Dear David Chalmers,

Those of us at Fake Barn Country extend to you a warm welcome to the blogosphere! We've already linked (it's the least we could do given all the traffic thrown our way from your philosophical weblog directory).

It's pretty cool being the first one to leave a comment here.

Strange Doctrines

"It's pretty cool being the first one to leave a comment here."

Damn! Turri beat me to it.

All right. I'll compensate for my second-place showing and raise Turri's welcome by extending a very warm welcome.

John Fischer


Allow me to add my welcome. We will link from the blog, The Garden of Forking Paths (a free will/moral responsibility blog):

Good luck in your new place!


David ( If I dare use your first name), I enjoyed your consciousness book very much, and I'm glad to see you blogging. Welcome!

Jason C.

Prof. Chalmers,

Please do keep the comments section of your blog enabled. I am a great admirer of your work and I think a site like this could be quite valuable as a mini-community for those interested in philosophy / phil. of mind.

Spam Shy

It's great to have professional philosopher to write blog. Your web site is one of the pearls of the internet already. Keep up good work.

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