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January 13, 2005


Andrei Buckareff

Why isn't George Wilson's fine entry on Action listed as a related entry in the SEP? I have the same question about the entries by Sarah Buss on Personal Autonomy and Randy Clarke on incompatiblist theories of free will. These all seem at least related to the philosophy of mind.


I've added the action entry -- I missed it the first time around. As for the others, almost the whole fields of free will, personal identity, and moral psychology (for example) are pretty closely related to the philosophy of mind, as are large chunks of epistemology and the philosophy of language. So I've been somewhat selective, in order to avoid the list mushrooming. In many cases I have a link to a main entry (e.g. on free will, personal identity, practical reason), which then can be used as a jumping off point for other entries.

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