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January 12, 2005


Lucia Salvato

Don't you think that Intentionality is tied up to Consciousness? Can exist Intentionality without a conscious mental state? I think it is
counterproductive for Science circumscribe, divide issues: it has worked
with external objects of scientific study but it seems to does not work with mental-cerebral issues.
Consciousness, Mind, Intentionality, Will,etc.. are all faces of the same medal and Perceptions, Language, Emotions, Movement,Learning are different cerebral abilities all directed,regulated by properties,laws of Consciousness.
If Science want to move forward productively and coherently in the Universe of Mind,it has to change itself by its same instruments...
I firmly think that Science needs a theoretical support in the approach of these issues. For me Philosophy can help Science, with Semplicity and power of Reason, and if philosophers will not support Science, because of its firm will to keep the predomination on these arguments, then future of Philosophy surely will feel the effects of this!

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